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Adapting Your Skin Care Routine for Fall

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Fall is officially here, which means your skin is depleted of moisture and nutrients from the summer sun. What’s more is that with colder weather on the rise, hot showers and the use of central heating systems become inevitable lifestyle changes for the season. Your skin helps to regulate body temperature by detecting hot and cold conditions. As the weather drops in temperature, so does the moisture in the air and your skin needs time to adapt to the change. The result? Rough, dry, flaky skin. If you’re prone to eczema or other dry skin issues, these conditions become much worse.

When it comes to treating dry skin, you will want to transition your skin care regimen to combat the harsh elements this season brings. Moisturizing with a hyper emollient lotion or cream is key. Our advanced daily moisturizer made with hyaluronic acid complex is formulated to provide relief for rough, cracked, chapped, weathered extremely dry and itching skin. It protects the skin from environmental attack with its SPF protection while softening and lubricating the skin to maintain its elasticity. Let it fight for you while you’re out fighting the cold.