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April Is Rosacea Awareness Month

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April is Rosacea awareness month. Rosacea is a chronic but treatable condition that primarily

affects the central part of the face. It’s characterized by an over dilation of the blood vessels that get easily triggered when the body’s core temperature increases.

It’s most common in adults between the ages of 30-50, and in people with fair skin. If you think you have rosacea, it’s best to get a clear diagnosis from a healthcare professional such as a dermatologist.

Treatments vary according to the severity of the condition. Various antibiotic creams or anti-inflammatory creams have come a long way over the years. For severe rosacea your dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics or isotretinoin. For very visible aspects of rosacea, broken blood vessels can be treated with various laser treatments that will reduce their visibility and redness.

It’s a good idea to discuss the use of cosmetics with your doctor when covering up a flare-up. Some ingredients in makeup can aggravate the skin.

Important facts about rosacea:

  1. The cause is truly unknown: Although we don’t know what causes rosacea, there is a strong link to a genetic predisposition.
  2. Daily sunscreen use is essential: the sun will only worsen the situation and dehydrate the skin even more. Therefore, it is absolutely essential for anyone who suffers from rosacea to protect their skin as much as possible by using adequate sun protection.
  3. Harsh soaps will further irritate skin: Use gentle facial cleansers that are specially formulated for sensitive or fragile skin.
  4. Triggers may include hot and spicy foods, alcohol, exercise and mental stress. Try to keep these to a minimum.

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