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Do You Still Need to Moisturize Oily Skin?

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When you have oily skin, the last thing you might think about is a moisturizer. After all, why would you add another product to your skin when you’re trying to reduce its oiliness? In reality, there are a whole host of benefits to using a daily moisturizer if your skin is oily or pimple-prone.

Here are some reasons why a moisturizer should be included in your skincare routine.

Oily Doesn’t Mean Hydrated

There’s a common misconception that if your skin is oily, it must be well-hydrated. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. So if you have oily skin and choose to dry out your skin further, you’ll experience seriously dehydrated skin which lead to issues such as inflammation, premature aging, and even breakouts. Your body then responds to dry skin by making more oil, which clogs pores and leads to even more pimples. It’s a vicious cycle, but you can prevent it! Moisturizers improve our skin’s hydration by adding water to it, which in turn, will eventually lead to less oily skin.

Eases Side Effects of Acne Medication

When our skin won’t cooperate and we’re forced to use more aggressive forms of acne treatments, such as retinoids or benzoyl peroxide, it becomes even more important to moisturize your skin because these products are designed to dry out your skin. Worse yet, these treatment options are also known to cause flakiness, peeling, and inflammation, so a daily moisturizer is your best defence against these uncomfortable side effects.

Oil-Free Moisturizers

There are plenty of moisturizers on the market today that are made for oily skin. These moisturizers are oil-free and non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores. These specially-designed products typically include ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Be sure to review the ingredient list on your moisturizer to ensure you’re using one that is suited to your skin’s needs.

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