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Medicinal Mushrooms and Skin Health Benefits

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Medicinal Mushrooms have become quite popular recently for all their amazing health benefits. Did you know they have a lot of great benefits for the skin as well?

Here are the top 5 medicinal mushrooms for skin health:

  1. Reishi - They contain polysaccharides and triterpenes which helps reduce inflammation in your skin. They also contain beta-glucans which help attract water into your skin to protect against oxidative stress. High in amino acids like Lysine which helps protect your skin's elasticity and Leucine which activates your skin's natural healing and helps to minimize fine lines.
  2. Chaga - Phenolic acid in chaga may help reduce wrinkles caused by UV damage. The immunomodulating properties in chaga also help decrease skin sensitivities from allergies. Chaga has to strive in extreme cold conditions to survive so it has developed bioactive substances to help it do so. When we consume chaga we also get the rewards of those substances for our skin, and overall health.
  3. Cordyceps - They contain a compound called adenosine, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce redness and swelling in the skin. Cordyceps are high in antioxidants which may have anti-aging effects on the skin. They also boost the body’s ability to use oxygen and could help boost energy and libido.
  4. Shiitake - These mushrooms contain kojic acid which is a natural skin lightener and can help reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Shiitake mushrooms are high in natural copper which is a component of collagen production that helps achieve firmer, healthier looking skin.
  5. Maitake - This mushroom contains a compound called ergothioneine which has been shown to help improve skin’s elasticity. They are also rich in polysaccharides which help keep the skin hydrated and plump along with reducing inflammation.

The best part of medicinal mushrooms is they can be taken in capsule form or a powder you can easily add to your coffee, tea or smoothies! Always check with your health practitioner if you are on any medication.

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