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September is “Healthy Aging” Month

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On average, Canadians live longer life spans and are in better health than in past generations.  The aging population is expected to double by 2025.  Thankfully, today there is more information, resources, and a better understanding of what makes us all prosper and live a vibrant life in our senior years.  We strive to look for ways to keep ourselves healthy and to slow down the “aging clock” when it comes to our appearance and our health.  These are just some of the important determinants that play a big role in healthy aging.

Healthy eating

A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats are important in keeping the body and the mind in great shape as we age. Avoiding processed foods and simple sugars such as fast foods and packaged foods is definitely the right choice when it comes to keeping the body in tip-top shape. This also includes drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol.

Physical activity

Of course, this comes as no surprise.  Physical activity improves health and well-being.  It reduces stress, strengthens the heart and lungs, increases blood flow to major organs including the brain, thus, increases endorphins, which increases energy levels and mood.  It’s important to include some kind of physical activity in your everyday life, such as walking, biking, or even weight-bearing physical activity that may help reduce the rate of bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

Oral health

Advances in oral health care and disease treatment have brought a spotlight on how important our natural teeth are to us, especially as we age.  We must continue to brush and floss daily to keep our pearly whites from falling out.

Lastly, our skin shows our age.  When we take care of our skin by feeding it internally and externally with nutritious foods, lots of liquids and quality skincare, we tend to be happier and more confident in telling people that age is just a number!