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Treat Dad this Father’s Day with the Gift of Beautiful Skin!

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When we think of skin care we tend to think about the billion dollar beauty industry geared towards women, but ultimately, men's skin needs attention too!  The male grooming industry is a rapidly growing market.

Men’s skin is really no different than their female counterparts.  Men generally have thicker facial skin to withstand the rigors of shaving, so it is important to practice proper shave care to prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs. The most inexpensive techniques are physical and chemical exfoliation of the skin.  A good quality facial cream with AHAs will help reduce any bumps and ingrown hairs.

Buy a good quality face cleanser, not soap

Skin pH should ideally be at 5.5.  Gentle skin cleansers are unique from soaps as they are formulated for the skin and they are pH-balanced.  The market is full of affordable cleansers that have good ingredients that not only cleanse the skin, but help the skin replenish its moisture barrier.  Some ingredients to look for are ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and Vitamin E. Steer clear of heavily fragranced cleansers. Let’s save the fragrance for the after-shave or his cologne!

Preserve his beautiful eyes

The eyes are a window to Dad’s soul.  Eventually, stress, sleeplessness and sun damage can affect the gentlest part of his face.  These skin stressors break down the collagen and elastin in the skin which creates loose saggy skin under the eyes. Eye creams should contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, retinol (in night eye cream only), ceramides and vitamins to help minimize the look of crows feet, puffiness and dark circles.

Moisturize and protect his skin from the sun!

Moisturizer and sunscreen should be Dad’s last skin care step before he steps out of the house for work in the morning!  Moisturizer helps lock in the skin’s moisture barrier.  Lotion vs. cream you ask?  Well, that all depends on Dad’s skin type.  If Dad has oily to combo skin, he’s better off using an oil-free formulation such as Dormer211 Spécialité Oil Free Moisturizer.  Creams are better used by those with dryer skin types. 

Last but certainly not least, the most important application in the morning is sunscreen.  In addition to helping prevent sunburn, the right SPF helps protect against cumulative sun damage.  For dads on the go, opt for a 2 in 1 like the Dormer211 SPF30 Daily Moisturizer.

Skin care for men is simple and it’s all about developing a daily routine.  No matter Dad’s age, he can start a simple skin care routine that won’t take a chunk of time out of his busy life.